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Have you ever thought about owning your own business? While being extremely exciting, getting started in any business can be overwhelming; I mean where do you even start? That was the exact thought from the MUJU founders. 

The original Moving U & Junk U began as a bootstrap start up by two college students. Less than 3 years and a ton of learning experiences later, the original branch has grown to a 5 truck operation, peaking at 9 trucks on multiple days in the summer of 2019. The owner’s have developed a complete guide to smoothly and efficiently scale your business to whatever level you are looking to take it to. It really is a business in a box!

Just Figure It out

The story of Moving U & Junk U

A franchisor/franchisee relationship is not a 'buy and fly' type of transaction. It is a business relationship that goes on for years. Because of this, it's important to not only look at the franchise business model, but also the founders of the franchise. They are the ones you're going to be working with so you want to make sure your vision, ideals, and work ethic are all in alignment.

My business partner and my self co-authored a short book titled "Just Figure It Out" and is the story of our company's journey from inception to where we've built it to today. We outline a few of the major obstacles that we've encountered and overcome.

Feel free to give it a read to get to know us and how we operate!


Story Of Moving U Junk U

Moving Toward Success

Low Initial Investment

Rapid Growth Potential

Self Sustaining Model

As outlined above, a few of the great aspects of the moving & junk removal industry is the initial start up costs can be relatively affordable compared to other franchises, and growth can happen both rapidly and smoothly at the same time! In addition, MUJU was designed to be a self supporting operation if that is the goal for a franchisee.

You Can Help Us Reach New Heights

On a corporate level, the vision of Moving U & Junk U is to be the household name in the moving & junk removal industry. We’re looking for individuals who share that ambition in being a part of that vision and turning it into an accomplishment.

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Will I Be a Good Fit for a Moving U & Junk U franchise?

As with any franchise, you are going into business for yourself but not by yourself. With that being said, it’s important to make sure the franchise you choose holds similar growth goals as well as general personal values.

Business Goals

The MUJU systems were designed to support franchisees that are looking to grow quickly and be a dominant force in their local market. The systems will still work for smaller operations, but individuals who identify as being competitive and appreciate the hustle that comes with achieving personal goals fit us best. 

Personal Values

Our personal values can be summed up to the idea of fairness. Whenever faced with a tough decision, figuring out what’s the most fair is our go to. In our opinion, this leads to consistency and prevents bias. We look for individuals who also hold value in being fair as many protocols echo this mantra.

Moving and Junk removal in West Chester

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you have a bunch of questions, and we encourage you to reach out so we can help answer them. In the meantime, feel free to check out our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions!

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